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Reunion Awards
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Milestone Awards
   Longest Married Couple Bernice & William Holmes 46 Years
   Most Recently Married Couple  Tonya & Derek Johnson 7 Days
   Short Distance Traveled Jennifer & Brandon Martin 5 miles
   Long Distance Traveled Donald Edwards 615 miles
   Oldest Family Member Present  Margie Edwards 90 years/11 months
   Youngest Member Present Brandon Martin 3 years
   Most Grandchildren Present Rena Boothe 13 Grands & Great Grands
   Junior High School Graduates Sarita Williams Hammond Middle School
    Leea Manley Passage Middle School
    Kristopher Manley Passage Middle School
   Newest Attorney To-Be Suzanne Miles Took NY State Bar July 2002
   2002 Retirees Bernard Miles Jr. 30 Years Morgan Stanley
    Florrane Johnson 32 Years NY Public Schools
Special Contributions
  Volunteer Award Carolyn Martin  Mistress of Ceremony
  Volunteer Award Larry Johnson  Dodge Ball Captain
  Special Contribution Award Michael Davis  McDonald Land Toys
  Special Contribution Award Ronita Holmes-Williams  Mary Kay Samples & Corsages
  Special Contribution Award Denise Johnson  Mary Kay Samples
  Special Contribution Award Rita & William Skinner  Video Scrapbook
  Outstanding Performance Kasey Martin-Gatling  Solo
  Outstanding Performance Justin Gatling  Solo
  Outstanding Performance Joshua Gatling  Reading
  Outstanding Performance Imara Miles  Solo
  Gold Record Denielle Gray  Reunion Soloist & Wiz Performance
  Golden Camera Award Skip Martin  Photographer
  Golden Camera Award Kristopher Manley  Photographer's Assistant
  8-Track Tape Award Donald Robinson Jr.  The AudioVisual Man
  Golden Kitchen Tools Award Carolyn Martin  Cake Artist
Reunion Activities
  Golden Paddle Ball Carolyn Martin  Paddle Ball Champ
  Activity Certificate Leea Manley  Punch Ball Champ
  50% of the Pot ($37.50) Lester Miles  50/50 Raffle Winner
  Generations Puzzle Naya Phillips  Autograph Game Winner
  Crayon Certificates All Participants  Coloring Contest Participants
  Activity Certificates All Participants  Game & Activity Participants

Who's Who at the Booth Family Reunion 2002
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Booth Family Reunion
4701 Kenmore Ave #218
Alexandria, VA 22304